How many calories are in a traditional holiday meal? Quite a few, although most entrees
tend to be healthy, such as lean turkey, yams or sweet potatoes, peas, and the common
white potato. But butter, creams and sugar turns up the calorie and fat content in a
hurry. Below, we’ve provided calories based on the traditionally-prepared meal as well
as tips for dieters searching for methods to reduce calories and fat.

Calories in Your Turkey Dinner

Roasted Turkey – 8 ounces Dark + White Meat, Untrimmed 450 Calories
Roasted Turkey – 8 ounces White Meat – Trimmed (no skin, no fat). White meat contains a little less calorie than dark. Add 30 more calories if you prefer dark meat. 260  Calories

1 cup of homemade stuffing 400  Calories

1/2 cup of box stuffing prepared with no calorie refrigerated butter spray. 110  Calories

1 cup of Giblet Gravy 300 1/3 cup of Giblet Gravy 100 Calories
1 cup of Mashed Potatoes 350 Calories
1/2 cup of Mashed Potatoes prepared with skimmed milk, no calorie refrigerated butter spray 100 Calories
1 cup of Candied Sweet Potatoes 400  Calories
1/2 Baked Sweet Potato w/ small pat of butter, dash of cinnamon a couple of packs of no calorie sweetener. 100 Calories
1/2 cup of Cranberry Sauce 200 1/6 can of Cranberry Sauce – Jelled or Whole Cranberries 100  Calories
2 Rolls with Butter 300 1 Roll with 1/2 pat of Butter 125 Calories
1 cup of English Peas with Butter 150 Calories

1/2 cup of English Peas with refrigerated no calorie butter spray 60 Calories

Holiday Goody Calories !!! 
2 glasses Sweetened Tea, Wine, Punch or Cider 300  Calories

Unsweetened Beverages – unlimited 0 1 slice of Pumpkin Pie with topping 450 Calories

1 Slice of Autumn Pumpkin Pie 150 Calories                                              

 1 slice of Pecan Pie 650  Calories                                                                  

1 cup of Fruit Salad 100 Calories

1 cup of Egg Nog 400 Calories                                                                      

 1 cup of Holiday Egg Nog (light) 180 Calories

Grand Total:  4,354 “or” Grand Total 1,385  Calories