I have to say this place is very nice. When you walk in it is clean and peaceful. When i went into the consult room Natalie was very nice to me and gave me a complimentary i-lipo laser treatments while I was waiting for a room to get my wrap done. I was measured then wrapped and place in like a heated blanket for 45 minutes, you have to sweat to see results. I personally benefit from any type of body wrap so at the end of treatment i lost a total of ten inches! Before i left i did buy two more treatments and booked them. Unfortunately my husband had an accident  that night so money is a little tight. They refunded me and i am very happy how quickly they responded to me. Overall if you are looking for a new MedSpa i would highly recommend this one. I worked at elite MedSpa in Arlington before it went south so i know that the treatments that they offer here do work!

Shawna L.

My niece is getting married on August 23rd and my husband and I are part of the Bridal Party. I didn’t need to lose a ton of weight but I needed to fit into a long elegant dress and trim up some of the fat that has become more noticeable since turning 50 years old. I just wanted to look better and more toned. I really was interested in body wraps and met Maria and she help to design a program for me. I am happy to say that I have now lost many inches around my trouble spots of my body….back of arms, inner thighs, around the back of my chest and especially my waist and stomach area. I actually have a waist now and everyone I see says I look great and what am I doing. I have told them about the CELLUREDUCE body wrap and why I started them for the wedding of my niece. I recommend Maria and Forever Slender not only for special occasions but for every day living and loving your body. I started out as a size 8 and now fit into my size 6 dress. I lost a dress size in 4 weeks…YAHOO!!!!!

Mary EL-Massih, Southborough, MA

Maria, I just wanted to let you know I purchased the fit and slender drop last week and it’s been great at curbing appetite. I plan to give a testimonial to my friends. Thanks!

Ebony – Cambrige

I’ve been on diets all my life. All the diets I’ve been on have been a struggle. All the diets have been depriving which caused me to give up each time. I’ve jogged short distances which helped to burn some calories as well as anxieties, but nothing has come close to the results of a body wrap. When, I came across an advertisement with a discount to try a body wrap at Forever Slender, I decided to give it a try. The offer also came with an inch loss guarantee on your first session or the session was free. I am so glad I tried it. Not only did I see immediate inch loss, but Maria at Forever Slender suggested the perfect diet that eliminated cravings. The diet and wraps have completely transformed my body. I am so grateful to Maria who has helped me to find my long-lost waist as well as remove an unsightly belly fold! The transformation has made me feel good and feel better about myself.

Angela Martini – Natick

This place is amazing!! Their body melt body wrap is so effective and relaxing. After leaving I feel incredibly light and any bloating I had prior to the wrap is gone!!! You sweat out all the toxins, your skin glows, and you feel awesome. The staff and owner are also wonderful. They’re extremely warm, personable, and even gave me water through a straw while in the wrap! Thanks guys! p.s. great prices!! Check it out!

Stephanie Lucken – CHELMSFORD

You have to try this! Maria and Natalie are so warm and loving! The atmosphere is so relaxing and the results are AMAZING! I’m a “LIFER” now!
Check it out!

Jen Strauss Block – Natick

Maria Martian and her superb staff are the professional experts when it comes to nutrition/health, fitness and weight loss! Not only did I see immediate results after my first visit with an 8 1/2 inch size reduction, but one of the ‘secret perks’ of the sculpturing wraps and infrared beds is how great I felt afterwards with an endorphin release that I have only gotten after an hour workout–a true indicator of detoxification for me!! With Maria’s attentive approach to individualizing my weight and inch loss program, I achieved my goal. However, recently I bought a cocktail dress for an August wedding that I couldn’t pass up even though it was too snug around the torso and waistline. I went to Maria for help and she targeted the belly fat area with lipo-laser treatments followed by a regimen of body melts and/or cellureduce seaweed wraps and started me on her plateau breaker nutritional program. I continued with my own exercise program and in 4 weeks I am now very comfortably in the dress and couldn’t be more ecstatic! So, I personally want to thank Maria and her wonderful staff for helping me, again, achieve a personal goal !!

Nancy Gordon, Sudbury

I achieve a personal goal
My story isn’t that unusual. Every year I’d make a New Year’s resolution to finally get serious about shedding all those extra pounds. And every year I would have varying degrees of limited success. So this year I knew I’d have to do something different to get different results.

When I came across the website for Forever Slender I was intrigued and thought I’d give it a shot. I called and made an appointment for later that week. I arrived and was greeted promptly by a very friendly staff after which I was introduced to Maria. We chatted for a bit and her warm personality made me feel instantly at ease. She explained how the wraps work and we talked about nutrition and put together a plan.

Over the last 9 months, with Maria’s guidance, extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment I’ve dropped 5 sizes and couldn’t be happier. I’m so thankful I made the appointment and I highly recommend Forever Slender.

Maureen Waltham – “83” Lbs less!

“Maria dedication and support makes her so successful in helping her clients achieve their goals. “

Ann B

“I have a favorite pair of jeans that I could not get into no matter what I did. After my last wrap, I couldn’t believe that they fit and they still do. I am now trying for a dress that has been hanging in my closet for a few years.”

Monica L – Framingham

“I injured my ankle, wasn’t able to exercise much for 7 months and gained weight and inches all over my middle as a result. I was very depressed, unable to follow any low calorie diet and too tired to exercise. Then I lost weight and inches with the Forever Slender program thanks to Maria and whoever invented this program and feel like a million bucks. I don’t have words to express my gratitude.”

Carmen Willson, Wellesley MA.

“I remember the call I got from Maria that she had opened in Wayland. My weight had bounced back to a high of 159.2 pounds and I signed up for wraps and nutrition. I have arthritis and Maria worked with me to let me reach all of my goals.

Her personal concern for her clients makes her so successful. From time to time as I plateaued we would jump start my progress with a special food plan. During the week I relied on protein shakes and bars plus balanced meals and lots of water.I have not just lost 35.2 lbs., I have lost a total of 18.5″. That’s a dramatic change in my figure and brought my BMI from an unhealthy 39.6 to a healthy 24! At almost 67 years old I can truly say I feel younger, sexier and healthier!”

Susan Brisk, Wayland, Mass.