Scientifically formulated with natural active, organic ingredients that fight to prevent and eliminate fatty deposits that cause cellulite. Helps slimming while leaving skin feeling more smooth, contoured and firm.

A powerful blend of active, botanical ingredients for lipolysis and microcirculation:

Fisetin is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, key enzyme for the influx of glucose into cells, diminishing lipogenesis after eating. 


A powerful firming and toning body lotion designed specifically for women and packed with active ingredients to correct cellulite imperfections.  Provides intense hydration to the skin while assisting with the elimination of fat deposits and waste material contributing to cellulite formation.

A powerful blend of active ingredients to target orange-peel tissue;

Carnitine Hydroxycitrate acts by stimulating the metabolism.

SEAWEED BODY SOAP with cellulite massage nubs $8.00

Experience the exotic feel and smell of paradise as you bathe, while special massage nubs work to increase your circulation for healthier, toned skin.  Enriched with natural Seaweed and Vitamin E.

Formulated for all skin types.