Phase Two

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This nutrition program is designed for losing up to 5 lbs. In the second week, add one serving of dairy and fruit! If you have a sweet craving: eat food to contains sweets in the morning. If you are salty craving satisfy yourself with salty food in the morning, not in the evening. In this way you send a message to your brain you are satisfied and not starving. As soon as you get-up take 2 EFA – 1 KLB-5 – 2 Trim Away 


  •  8oz.  Protein Drink + 1 tablespoon chia seeds + ½ celery, + ½ cucumber, + ½ tomato + ½  apple – blend with water.
  •  8 oz of low fat and no sugar Greek yogurt or 4 eggs and vegetables
  •  ½  cup of fruit (any kind of berries, apples, small banana)
  •  Coffee or tea with artificial sweetener (optional)

Mid-Morning Snack

  •   1 Protein Drink (optional)

½ hour before lunch 1 KLB-5 


  • white meat until you are satisfied
  •  1 Cup raw veggies: cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, celery, cucumber, red or green peppers, broccoli or your favorite veggies with light salad dressing (optional) or 2 cups of salad!

Mid-Afternoon Snack

  • 1 Protein bar

½ hour before lunch 1 KLB-5 


  •  8oz. Protein Drink
  •  Unlimited amount  of meat, fish or chicken breast cooked in olive oil/butter spray
  •  1 cup of cooked vegetables (any color – green, red or yellow)

Evening Snack

  •   1 cup of popcorn without salt or butter (Optional – if still hungry)

This second phase will help your body recognize more proteins than carbohydrates. Weight loss is possible for you, but more importantly LONG TERM weight loss is possible.  Don’t fall into another trap, get your hands on a diet that will help you shed the weight and change your life forever.