PZ Lipo Laser is an FDA approved laser lipolysis technology in response to increased demand for fast, convenient, safe and non-invasive plastic surgery procedures. It utilizes low-level lasers in order to liquefy fat and remove it from the body. This Lipo Laser uses four wavelengths: (635/650, 940/808nm). 635/650nm to penetrate to subcutaneous layer and dissolve fat. 940/808nm could help penetrate deeper and accelerate lymphatic drainage, blood circulation and metabolism. Unlike liposuction procedures, this one doesn’t involve the use of a cannula. The application of the laser is external, and the removal of the fat is done through the body’s own mechanisms.

Here’s how it works:

The technician externally applies treatment pads to transmit a 630/650nm low-level laser beam, which brings about a chemical signal which alters the cell’s chemistry, leading to the release of an enzyme called lipase. This enzyme breaks down triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol inside the fat cells. The fatty acids and glycerol are released though channels in the fat cell membranes. These compounds are transported to the body tissues and metabolized to create energy. It is recommended you set up at least 8 treatments (twice  a week for 4 weeks) for the full results to be achieved.  In order to have good results, you must follow the treatment with body wraps, a body melt or exercise to burn calories and release the liquified fatty acids.

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